From Sky to Table.

Yesterday morning we were 4 generations of Cajuns that went pheasant huntin’ in northern California.  My grandpa (80), dad (59), brother (35), niece (9) and I (31) made up the clan.  Waking up at the crack of dawn…we threw on our shoes, gathered the dogs and set out for an early morning diner breakfast.  Filling up our bellies with eggs, biscuits, gravy and free coffee refills…by sunrise we were headed for the fields to get us some good eatin’.  My brother, dad and the dogs (Roscoe and Dixie) got 6 pheasants by mid-morning…enough for a meal with leftovers.  Today my grandma slowly cooked up the birds, making a gravy that will knock your socks off!  Served with a side of white rice and fresh heirloom tomatoes that my mom got from the farmer’s market this morning…the family was bellied up to the kitchen table enjoying a meal together by 3 pm.  I took the pictures…

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One thought on “From Sky to Table.

  1. The photos are beautiful, dude! I especially like the one with the sun rising in the background and the dog jumping and the man (dad? brother?) holding the pheasant, and the one of the spider web. I kinda wish I was there with you.

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