Marfa, “Adam’s World” and Documentarianisms

This little slice of ethnically diverse-rancher-eccentric artist-mixed traveler-small town
lifestyle in the middle of West Texas is filled with nooks and crannys.  Here: the expansive landscape lends itself to deep breathes.  Lifestyles vary and the land is cheap.  Marfa is three hours from the nearest big city of El Paso, Texas.  And still…tons of creative urban folk manage to make their way out here…to visit or stay awhile.  My stint here has been nice indeed.  And it’s going to be a little hard to leave.

At the end of 12 days, our crew produced a documentary on Adam Bork, titled “Adam’s World”.  The process was intense.  A bundle of emotions, stress-filled moments, and excitement all swirled into one…making a 10 minute documentary in 12 days from scratch is similar to being on a roller coaster.  In the span of two weeks I smiled, cried and almost threw-up.  But most importantly, I got spat out with many insights and some technical training that will become useful for my own projects in the future.    I’m not sure that making films is the direction I’m headed…but perhaps….

Screening at Marfa Book Store

Screening at Marfa Book Store!

Adam and Krista Bork, co-creators of Food Shark, live in Marfa, TX.  They run a mom and pop business providing fresh food to their community via a food truck.  Adam Bork, of Earthpig and Fire, has completed many original art and music pieces along with his hobbies of collecting vintage electronics and cars.  An incredible character indeed. Both of them were lovely to get to know and it was a complete honor to have been let-in on their life for these few days.

Anyway, let’s get to it: below is our end product that was screened at Marfa Book Store on Friday, March 30th.  Enjoy.


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