For Sharing Your Home…

Mary Stoeker
Becky and John Williams
Mae and Edon Gaspard
Joyce and Nelton Gaspard
Gwen Aucoin
Kristi Cornell
Susi Mills
Gina Forsyth
Michelle Gibbons
John Critchfield & Jessica Holleman
Yael Yanich
Thomas Elliott and Lizz Randall
Serra Seawitch-Posey and Ben Posey
Mindy Hiley
Sheryl and Dave Foster
Diane Hill
Even Taylor
Phoebe and Lyndsey O’Neil


Every. One. of you warm, giving and absolutely lovely people who opened your home to me.  New and old.  Family, friends, friends of friends, once strangers.  Almost nine months ago, I set out on an adventure….without knowing exactly how my days/nights would shape-up.  This time of connecting with family, meeting new friends, and rekindling old friendships has enriched my life beyond measure…a gift I cannot quantify.  And I want you all to know that your support of providing places for me to sleep, write, play music, relax, learn, BE…has been HUGE.  I am one lucky human being.  The hiking maps, lunch dates, conversations, songs shared, kayaking trips, porch parties…the small town advice, introductions, keys left under door mats, precious pets, family suppers….the open refrigerators, happy-hours, hugs, coffee-at-need, lavender harvest, jam-making…the storage space, neighborhood walks, thrift store breaks, ferry rides….the great ideas, babies, laughter, barn wood, shower soap, clean sheets….and on. and on.

Seriously folks…you ROCK.  My appreciation is big and hearty.  Thank you for making it easy for a wandering, curious soul to find happiness, home and peace in so many places.

Tomorrow I have an address again.  And I want you to know…my home is yours, too.

With Honor,

Lisa Foster


2 thoughts on “For Sharing Your Home…

  1. Lisa, would like to contact Judy Gaspard (for healing) and wondered if you could give me a phone number for her. Appreciate your help. Thanks. BTW – love your project.

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