About my project

I’m Lisa and this blog is the seed of a personal desire to explore my Cajun roots background.  Through the capturing of stories, photographs and events, I hope to become more connected with my heritage in a way that blossoms into coming to know and understand more deeply the intricacies, lessons-learned, oral histories, recipes, traditions and music of my people.  Living in five different states as a child, I learned quickly how to adapt my self into new communities. These sometimes difficult changes stoked my appreciation for what I always considered to be a stable definition of ‘home’, the place my extended family lived and farmed for generations.  Through the stories and pride of my grandparents, I have been able to witness how important it is to listen, learn, and integrate their knowledge of our Cajun culture into my life.  Having the opportunity to meet every one of my great grandparents, memories of dancing to cajun music for dimes when I was a child, or walking into a house where a pot of gumbo simmered on the stove…these pieces of my past are part of home-life.  The life of the Cajun is told in history books, as we read about the expulsion from Acadia/NovaScotia in 1755 and the creation of our multi-cultural communities in rural Louisiana.  We revisit stories of the violent banning of Cajun-French in Louisiana schools and remember the end of our rural isolation with WWII draft obligations. Centuries have passed, events have stirred, yet still…the unique music, food, stories and values that are distinctly Cajun-influenced, resonate in modern life and action.  And most of this that I speak of…is held in the minds and hearts of our elders. My grandparents’ generation is the last to hold the Cajun dialect as their first language.  Sometimes it feels like time is running out, and other times it feels like purpose is being generated.  Giving value to all types of diversity is a skill that I work to cultivate time and again and this project is my attempt to reconnect with my personal history in the present, so that I can continue to show up in my life in a way that is meaningful, creative, connected and open.  This blog is a canvas for thoughts, stories, and images that work to keep Cajun life…their life, our life…alive.

Lache Pas a La Patate.

(You can find more of my work at: www.fosterphotographyandart.com)


5 thoughts on “About my project

  1. hello lisa its nelson. the tonys fine food driver. i love your story. its crazy,how much we think alike. im so into learning more about my back ground now. I want to start with my native american side. I also lived in many diffrent cities as i child. seattle , los angelas. denver colorado, and twice on the indian reservation in south dakota. You are right about learning to adapt. please continue to dig deep into our cajun back ground,i look forward to reading more cant wait. good job!

  2. Lisa…Thanks you so much for the short visit with us. I am just amazed at how much we take for granted. It took you who lives so far away from where your true roots started to remind us of just how wonderful & amazing life is here in South Lousisana. We enjoyed every minute of your stay & looking forward to having you back with us again. Love you, Aunt Joyce & Uncle Nelton & the rest of the Gaspard Family

  3. I am glad to hear that as a young person you care and want to learn more about your heritage. I would like to follow your blog. Where do I go to do that? Sincerely, Tammy

  4. I so enjoyed your story on Judy Gaspard. I would like to have Judy’s phone number if that is possible. Please private message me if I can. I disparately need for her to pray for my son who is bi polar and is in deep depression. Thank you in advance. I look forward to hearing from you.

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