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4 thoughts on “Photography

  1. no wonder you always warm my heart Lisa…..and
    your photos really cut straight into the deep and wordless region of feeling and poetry –
    more potent and evocative and real than I’ve seen these days, and
    I bow to you….your artistry and deep humanity…
    now I’m going to read….
    love, Alice

  2. I love your blog/website. My husband’s grandmother was born and raised near Lafayette. She married into the Air Force and the moves took her, and consequently her children away from her Cajun roots. They ended up here in Oklahoma where I’ve lived forever with my family. My husband and I live here still with our children, but love Cajun food and culture. We don’t get to Louisiana very often and his grandmother has passed on, but fortunately she passed on some great stories and recipes. Also, we have a pretty large transplanted Cajun community here in Oklahoma that provides great food and entertainment. Keep up the good work!

  3. i hope you had a good time on your swamp tour yesterday. you are welcome here anytime.
    best of luck on tour

    ps: you made my afternoon thanks !!!

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